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Tire Update for Late Model and Evergreen Modifieds


We were notified on Thursday 3/15/2018 that the F40 and F48 tire has been discontinued and will no longer be produced by Hoosier. After much discussion with their management, engineers, and our distributor we have come to a conclusion that a suitable replacement tire with comparable performance would be the F45 Hoosier Tire. The softness, durability, and side wall thickness is almost identical.


Evergreen will be utilizing the F45 for both left and right side tire options. The F45 is widely used on Late model racecars at other tracks with remarkable success. There are a variety of “hot marks” available. The right side tires range from 85 ¾ to 86¾. The lefts range from 84 ½ to 86, with the smaller hot mark denoted on the sticker as F45SX. This will be the only tire allowed for the upcoming Plum-Air Allstar 100. Any team that has purchased any F40 or F48 tires for the upcoming season from BRE Tire may return any unused tire for a full refund or credit towards the new F45 tire.


Hoosier management has expressed its deepest regrets for short notice and oversight in not passing the information to us sooner.

Regretfully, the F45sx tires had not been scheduled for production till 3/21/2018. We will need the F45sx tires to meet the size demands of our customers. We expect to have the F45 tires on site by mid week (expected Thurs the 29th). The 4cyl, Modified, Street Stock and Pure Stock Tires will Arrive on Monday.


The F45 will also be utilized for the Evergreen Mods as well.

We will also be allowing a “Burn off” time to teams that have used F40/F48. This will apply ONLY after the Plum-Air race scheduled for 4/15/2018.


We regret any inconvenience this may have caused our teams needing tires and although we had good results with the F40/F48 tires, there is nothing we can do about it. We do believe the F45 will be a good replacement for the previously used tire. They are said to last longer and Hoosier has assured us that this is an overall better tire. The price of these tires is also a couple dollars cheaper. Please understand that this change would have never been done however the F40 and F48 tires are no longer manufactured by Hoosier.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.



BRE Racing Tire Management/ Evergreen Raceway Management

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