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Evergreen Raceway Hands out Post Race Fines and Issues Warnings to All Drivers


Evergreen Raceway has issued a $250 dollar fine to several drivers in the street stock division. The $250-dollar fine is for excessive rough driving on the night of June 29th. Until the fine is paid in full those drivers will not be permitted to return. The money paid for the fines will go to a local charity yet to be determined.

Race Director Jeff Owler and Promoter Jason Makarewicz have been reviewing tape since early Saturday morning and have come to the conclusion that the aggressive driving has gotten out of hand. “We will no longer tolerate this behavior on or off the track, if stiffer penalties need to be handed down we will indeed do so” stated Makarewicz.

All divisions as of this point are being notified that rough driving will no longer be tolerated. Racing is meant to be fun, family entertainment. The drivers, crews and especially the fans DESERVE BETTER.


We do ask kindly that if anyone would like to discuss this or anything for that matter to please contact Jason directly at 570-956-6347. The track phone is always on and Jason is willing to speak with anyone.


Promoter: Jason Makarewicz
Race Director: Jeff Owler
PR: Ted Grow

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