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2024 Evergreen Enduro Classic 4 and 6 Cylinder Gut and Go Event Rules


- classes may be be split depending on car count**

- passenger is allowed. Must be 14 yrs or older with parent’s permission** If vehicle has passenger, right side must have window net and door must have bar (rubrail)

- Fire extuinguishers are highly recommended! If a red flag is thrown, ALL cars must stop as soon as possible in a safe manner, no passing of any cars once the red flag is displayed. Drivers must stay in their cars at all times unless there is a dangerous situation.


ELIGIBLE CARS The Gut and Go event is open to any 4 and 6 cylinder passenger car  with a maximum wheelbase of 110”. Excluded are convertibles, T-top cars, mid-engine, aluminum bodied, and special production sports cars. All cars are subject to approval by track officials. Any car deemed to be outside the intentions of the division will be disallowed at the discretion of the track officials. If you have any question as to the eligibility of your car, please ask officials to approve it before you waste valuable time and materials constructing a car which may be disallowed. Any car deemed not structurally sound (i.e. excessive rust of the frame or unibody, etc.) will be ineligible to compete. The decision of Track Officials and raceway management will be FINAL. Stock means for the Year and Make of the car being used.



1. All drivers must have a full face Snell 2010 rated or better helmet. In good condition. No M rated helmets.

2. Long Sleeve Shirt and pants are Required. No open toe shoes or sandals allowed. Firesuit SFI rated 3.2A-1 or better highly recomended..

3. Transponder: Cut a hole on the passenger floor, fold metal up and attach transponder. (in front of where passenger seat would be) 


5. Drivers must monitor Freq 467.550 on a scanner.



1. Absolutely Stock Only. No modifications of any kind.

2. All glass must be removed except windshield. Windshield may be replaced with reinforced Lexan (3/16 thick minimum). A minimum of 2 straps of 1/8” x 1” steel must be installed inside and outside of the windshield for reinforcement of the Lexan. DO NOT LEAVE BROKEN GLASS IN CHANNELS!


3. All doors must be bolted, welded or chanied shut.

4. Hood must be secured with chains, pins or bolts and must be openable for inspection.

5. Trunk deck Must be present and must be secured shut, either bolted or chained.

6. A minimum of a 10” hole must be cut in the hood directly over the Air Intake.

7. Sunroofs must be covered by one sheet of 18-gauge (minimum) steel and riveted or welded. NO SCREWS!

8. No sharp edges anywhere on the exterior of the vehicle.

9. Headlights, Tail lights, Chrome trim and all other trim must be removed from the outside of the vehicle

10. Drivers side "rub" rail required. No sharp edges.


INTERIOR AND DRIVERS COMPARTMENT 1. No holes in driver’s compartment, all holes must be covered by sheet metal.

2. All interior trim must be removed. Dashboard may remain.

3. All air bags must be removed.

4. No sharp edges in the driver’s compartment.

5. The center of the steering wheel must be padded.

6. Inside of drivers door must be padded.

7. Seatbelts must be in good condition and in working order. 5-point harness allowed.

8. Any interior Cage or safety bars are allowed but not mandatory. Remember, it's YOUR safety!

9. If vehicle has passenger, right side must have window net and rub rail.

10. Window net is required. The window net has to operational. Release/latch should be in easy reach of the driver.

11. Racing Seat allowed



1. Engine size and specifications must be stock for year, make and model. Absolutely Stock Only. No modifications of any kind.

2. NO ANTIFREEZE allowed

3. Engine computers must be OEM stock for year, make and model.

4. Battery must be in stock location or may be securely mounted on passenger side floor board and covered with rubber matting.

5. Stock Air box Mandatory. Attached and Functional with cover



1. Stock Exhaust manifold only, must match year make and model.



1. Suspension parts must be absolutely stock. No modifications allowed.

2. Steering and suspension may not be reinforced in any way.

3. No cutting, heating, altering or modifying of any suspension parts allowed.

4. Maximum of + or - 2.5 degrees camber on any wheel.


1. Stock width wheels to year make and model

2. Rim size must match tread width.

3. All 4 tires and wheels must be the same size

4. Minimum tread wear rating of 320

5. No racing wheels

6. Wheels offsets my not extend past fenders


1. Stock Standard Shift transmission or Stock Automatic Transmission ONLY.

2. Stock Clutch and flywheel or Stock torque converter.

3. No removal of gears.

4. No aluminum flywheels.  


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