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2021 Advertising Opportunities

Who is Evergreen Raceway?

   Evergreen Raceway is moving into its fifth year under the current management of Promotor Jason Makarewicz. Our venture started in 2016 on the heels of a failed attempt by a previous management team. Jason and his team of hard working personnel have fought tirelessly to bring the track back to what it was when he was a child and what it used to be when he visited with his family. The groundwork of regaining drivers and fans has been an endless job but we show pride in knowing that the lineage of our track has surpassed what no one ever thought was possible. Today, Evergreen is seeing an average of 18 cars or more in almost all divisions and frequently needs to offer a last chance qualifier race to find the best 20 car field possible. Drivers are only half of the equation. We have also worked diligently to get a solid fan base back. With pride, we have seen significant increases in attendance with some shows being standing room only. 


   Evergreen Raceway is one of only a handful of asphalt surfaced race tracks in Pennsylvania. This 1/3rd of a mile, moderately banked track has a heritage that can be found as far back as the mid to late 20th century that includes events ranging from snowmobile racing all the way to the main events of stock car racing. It’s family roots are deep. Professional racers like Jimmy Spencer and Ryan Preece along with Bowman Grey drivers like Chris Fleming and the Meyers brothers have raced here at Evergreen. The Spencer family is still involved with racing at Evergreen including a fourth generation racer, Brayden Spencer who is only 13 years old and is a common visitor in victory lane in our 4 cylinder division. It is somewhat common to see NASCAR greats like Red Farmer and Jimmy Spencer in the pits.


   Today, Evergreen Raceway offers many different kinds of racing including enduro style racing, Jr. 4cyl,  4 Cylinders, Strictly Stocks, Street Stocks, Late Models, Tour Type Modifieds and even things like drifting that is super popular among the millennial generation and has taken off way past expectations.  We also have community based events like flea markets, car shows, and other events that bring a wide range of local residents in to our facility. Racers in any given division travel from the Tristate area on a weekly basis to compete at Evergreen. We have even had drivers or teams travel routinely from North Carolina and as far North as Ontario, Canada. This season we also have hosted events like the running of the Sleepy’s Street Stock Shootout promoted by the New York Super Stocks that had drivers and fans traveling in excess of 200 miles to attend our show. Evergreen management holds firm its promise to the fans and drivers to maintain a family oriented show at affordable price with a family of 4 being able to attend any given event for less than the price to go to the movie theater.



   Evergreen is a proud supporter of local business. We focus all of our purchases within the local economy when possible. The weekly racer and fan also helps local business.  It is estimated that the influx of traffic on race day alone stimulates the local economy by tens of thousands of dollars. Between hotel arraignments, fuel, food, and misc. auto parts or items, our racers help local business. All too often we hear of local companies being bought out or replaced by big box stores that can afford to budget millions in advertising. The local business owners might not be able to afford major advertising and allowing Evergreen Raceway to help you promote your business at a fraction of the cost, is a wise decision. 

Evergreen relies on sponsorships to offset some of the cost of operations. We offer all kinds of sponsorship opportunities including divisional sponsors (The Himmer Graphics Late Models), signage on the back stretch of the track visible by everyone who enters the track (An example is a substantial sponsorship from Cargill Meat Solutions which has a 15’x15’ sign on the back stretch), or even an event specific sponsorship (“today’s event is sponsored by Pechota Towing”).  No sponsorship is too large or too small. A typical sponsorship will usually fall into one of these options:


Social Media Advertising: $100

                Advertising is expensive. To help offset the cost, evergreen creates events and fliers for all of its events. These fliers are designed by our primary vendor for graphics and signages (Himmer Graphics) are posted to social media where we promote that page at a cost. Your sponsorship will pay for this promoting to be done and your company name, insignia or design, and contact information will be found on this flier that is posted and promoted.

Trade Sponsorship

                In an effort to help everyone at every level of financial support, your business might have something to offer Evergreen in exchange for some publicity. Evergreen is in constant need of various trades including paving, electrical, plumbing, towing, grounds keeping, equipment for track cleanup or maintenance, etc. Every proposition will be handled on a case by case basis. Do you have something to offer? Come to us with a proposal and we can discuss it further.


Standard Options


Option 1: website advertising: $200

We would share your company logo and website link on our official website.


Option #2: Program advertising: $500

                Back Stretch 4’x8’ sign. Your company sign will be seen on our backstretch that is viewed by 80% of the track including the grandstand viewing area. Company information will also be viewed on our website.


Option #3: Billboard advertising: $750-$1000

                 Your company logo and information will be proudly displayed on a 4’x8’ billboard on the backstretch of the racetrack, plus your company logo will appear on the speedway website.


Option #4: Divisional sponsorship: Price varies

                Your company can sponsor a division that competes at the speedway. The sponsorship lasts the entire season and the division that you choose will carry your name in association with it in all press releases and also when the track announcers talk about that particular division. The average prices are: Four Cylinder or Factory Stock: $1,000; Street Stock: $1,500; Late Model: $3,000, Evergreen Modifieds: $3,500 or Tour4 Modifieds: $4000. If you choose to become a divisional sponsor, your company logo will appear on the speedway website, program, and signage.


Option #5: Victory Lane: $1500

                This is the most popular by far. Your business name will appear in every victory lane photo, which In return is shared with many racing magazines such as the AARN, local newspapers, and even announced on radio stations. Your business name will also appear on our web site and programs.  



Option #6: Presenting sponsorship for track (Evergreen Raceway, presented by YOUR BUSINESS): Price Varies

                Your company will be the presenting sponsor of Evergreen Raceway, meaning that for the entire season, all references made to the speedway through media, print, ads, commercials, etc. will refer to the speedway as Evergreen Raceway, presented by YOUR BUSINESS.

                Your company logo will appear on the speedway website and program.  You will also receive a 6’x8’ billboard on the backstretch and two tickets to the track’s season ending banquet.


We have many other options such as:

*Tow truck Sponsors, ex. looks like the driver will need to be towed off by our (Sponsor Name) tow truck.

*Track sweeper sponsor, ex. Look at that mess the driver left, looks like our (Sponsor Name) sweeper will have to clean it up.

*Lap Counter Sponsor, ex.10 laps have clocked off of our (Sponsor Name) lap counter.

*You can even be an on Track Sponsor such as, ex. And they come out of our (Sponsor Name) turn 2 side by side down the (Sponsor Name) back stretch and into turn 3 (Sponsor Name) corner.

*For $65.00 you can advertise on our sweatshirts before they are printed, it’s a small ad about 2” x 2”

*New this year will be Programs in which all of our Sponsors with their logos will be featured for the fans.


If you are interested in any of the options above, please let us know and we’ll begin to move forward with what I believe will be a terrific business relationship. This relationship will benefit your company for an entire season. Evergreen will utilize their own graphics company to make your sign and we ask that you help offset that cost depending on size and design.


What can advertising do for you?

Advertising at Evergreen will allow your company to be seen by thousands of people on a weekly basis. It can be seen in the pits by teams that range from roughly 100 teams on any given night who bring between 2-10 crew members each. The fans in the stands that could be in excess of 750 people on any given weekend will also see your business.  A sponsorship generally includes signage, plugging your company name and business over the PA during our events, your logo on our website, printed on any literature that may be seen throughout the tristate area. Our race write-ups have been seen across the country on various auto racing websites. Your company will be mentioned on our social media sites as well.


Evergreen Raceway WANTS YOU! Please contact:

 Jason Makarewicz at (570)956-6347 or

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